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Created in May of 2001 and overhauled in July of 2019, the purpose of the University's world wide web resources policy (Policy 4-003) is to set clear expectations and standards for campus webmasters, create consistency, and reduce risk.

Policy 4-003: World Wide Web ResouRces


Brief Overview of Rules

The majority of the detail in the world wide web resources policy is contained in its nine rules:

  1. Rule A: Accessibility
    Make sure your website is accessible by people of all abilities!
  2. Rule B: Online Copyright Infringements, Protection and Remedies
    Don't violate copyright law!
  3. Rule C: Responsibilities and Authority of University Webmaster
    Outlines the role of the newly created Office of the University Webmaster.
  4. Rule D: Web Site Registration
    Register your website so we know who to contact should an issue arise...
  5. Rule E: Domain Name Service Request
    Outlines how the U authorizes and grants 3rd and 4th level domain names.
  6. Rule F: Privacy Statement and Responsibilities
    Respect your website visitor's privacy, and make sure all web pages requesting personal information contain a link to the University's privacy statement.
  7. Rule G: Web Site and Web Page Design Requirements
    Defines the basic elements that web sites must include (e.g. uses U color pallete, displays a U logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen that links to, contains specific links in the footer, contains contact information, follows University branding guidelines).
  8. Rule H: Commercial Use of Websites and Pages
    Do not use your website for personal business or personal commercial gain (or anyone else's for that matter)!
  9. Rule I: Web Electronic Commerce 
    If you collect money using your website, make sure it complies with all ecommerce laws and regulations!


Footer Links (Referenced in Rule G)

Last Updated: 3/14/24