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Branding & Visual Identity

Best Practices

A brand is how people feel and what they think about a company or organization. Visual identity is what the brand looks like.1

People often choose products in a store based on the brand or the visual style of the packaging and a University is no different. There is more to college than what classes and majors are offered.2 Students are looking for a culture they will fit into, chances to network, social activities and a place with a great reputation. The University of Utah's brand and identity help communicate these things to potential students.

For UofU Health, brand is just as important. It helps create trust, recognition and credibility for anyone who comes in contact with it. When someone visits a doctor, a hospital, or a clinic they want to be sure they are in the best hands. The tone of voice and the visual identity that make up the brand are important for making patients feel at-ease.


Think about how those at the U feel about the color blue vs. red. This subject often brings about some strong feelings in our community and for good reason. Red is our color and we have pride in that. It sets us apart from others. The block U is another great example. It is so ingrained in the U community that you often see people forming the 'U' with their hands.

There are many reasons to make sure your website follows the visual guidelines of the University brands.


The best way to make sure your website is to brand is to become familiar with the University's brands. 


Last Updated: 3/14/24